KY State Championships Sweep Levels 4-10!

This season has flown by and last night I stood back while coaching and I was overwhelmed with joy to watch every coach in the gym actively engaged, stations galore and hardworking kids anxious to learn new skills. I couldn’t be more proud with how each Level & Program did this season – Huge strides were made by coaches and the gymnasts in their charge and we couldn’t have done it without the support of you parents! As I’ve said before the whole is always greater then the sum of its parts!

Every team placed 1st or 2nd on the podium and their were a plethora of individual champions. Additionally, nearly every athlete in our upper level programs and every eligible boy qualifyed to the Region V Championships (Held this month–our Girls Level 10’s will vie to qualify to the Junior Olympic National Championships at this meet).

2017 KY State Championships in Review!

Girls Level 10 – 1st (Check out the Region V Recap article  –  – 6 Regional Qualifiers

Girls Level 8 – 1st – 8 Regional Qualifiers

Girls Level 7 – 1st – 10 Regional Qualifiers

Boys Level 7 – Jackson Korowin (our only Level 7) ranks first in the All-Around and is the sole qualifier in the state of KY to Level 7 Regionals!

Boys Level 5 – 2nd – 3 Regional Qualifiers

Girls Level 5 – 1st

Girls Level 4 – 1st

Boys Level 4 – 2nd

Girls Level 3 – 2nd

Girls Level 2 – 2nd

Girls Xcel Gold – 2nd

Girls Xcel Bronze 1st

Excited to see how our upper levels perform at the Region V Championships and what next season will bring! Hard Work Pays Off #LikeAChampion

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