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In 2004 we completely renovated and expanded our new facility that we purchased! It is located on 11100 Plantside Dr. and is 22,000 sq. ft. It is specifically designed for the safety and training of our team gymnasts. Our facility is for team members only and is “top notch” making us one of the finest training facilities in the country. From our national caliber team gymnasts, both girls and boys, to our developmental teams we keep safety in mind.

Our training facility is centrally air conditioned and heated and is equipped with a viewing area from both the upper balcony and lower levels of the building. Safety in training is emphasized throughout the gym with many pits and soft landing areas.



We have 2 extra large team spring floors with landing areas into foam pits as well as resi pits. We also have several mini-trampolines, a hot spot & an air-trak, and an in ground tumble trak that tumbles into a foam pit as well as an in ground trampoline.


Our team bar area is split into 2 areas. One area is for Compulsory team and has 3 full sets of uneven bars, 3 small single rails to work low bar skills and one high single rail over a pit. The other area is for our Optional gymnasts and consists of four full sets of uneven bars. Two are located over the top of resi pits. We have two single high bars. One bar is located in a channel in the floor and the other dismounts into a resi pit or into a foam pit. We also have a bounce back bar and a bounce to handstand machine.


Our vault area features 4 super long, fully padded runways for optimal speed. We have one vault that lands into a foam pit, one that lands into a resi pit and two that land on a regular hard surface landing area. Additionally, we have a Tumble Trak T-Trainer, 2 mini-tramps, a launch pad and multiple Port-A-Pits and Spring boards.


Our balance beam setup consists of two areas as well. For the compulsory beam area we have 6 high beams, 1 medium beam and 1 low beam. The optional area features 7 high beams, 1 mid sized beam and a lower progression beam. Additionally, we have several floor beams and two beam extenders. Our beams are newly covered with thick padding to protect small feet from bruising. The beam area is fully matted with dismount areas into the resi or foam pits. We have ample space for mounting and dismounting off the beams.


Champion Gymnastics Team Gym is also home to the largest men’s training facility in Kentucky and the surrounding Louisville area. With safety and skill development in mind the gym offers excellent equipment and area for boys to train.

The pommel horse area has five horses, some low and on the floor, a buck, and several mushrooms. The boys can train rings on a new AAI elite ring tower over a foam pit for safe dismounts, along with several low rings hanging from the ceiling. To help with ring strength the gym offers a dream machine, a sporting rig over the tower, and a handstand rocker. Parallel bars are trained on a new pair of AAI elite P-bars, a set of bars that allow for dismounting into a foam pit, and a low set for smaller boys and p-bar strength. Also, the boys use several sets of paralettes, floor p-bars, and p-bar blocks to help with skill development. Men’s high bar area has 5 steel bars, with dismounting over landing mats, Resi pits, and foam pits. One bar is over a channel in the floor while several allow for the boys to strap on to the bar for easier skill development. Also available to train with is a bounce back bar, a handstand trainer, and several floor bars. Floor, vault, and trampolines are all mentioned above in the equipment the girls use to train.

All of the equipment listed above allows for girls and boys to train safely and with the excellent coaching staff, Champion Gymnastics has the largest and most successful Women’s and Men’s program in Kentucky and the surrounding Louisville area.

Final School Year Schedule starts Monday, September 28thFinal School Year Schedule 2020-2021
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