Champion Gymnastics

At Champion, we offer both competitive and recreational gymnastics where we strive to challenge our athletes while ensuring a positive experience for both parent and child. We love kids. As owners, administrators, educators, and technicians, we know gymnastics can help them develop the skills and proficiencies they need to reach the height of their potential on the floor – and off. Look no further when looking for the best of Louisville gymnastics.


Gymnastics Classes

Looking for gymnastics classes for beginners?
Champion Gymnastics has both a competitive team as well as recreational classes.
For recreational classes check out our other website: “All About Kids” Sports Center! They emphasize self-worth, personal growth, health, mutual respect, responsibility, safety, teamwork and having fun. They offer everything your child needs to start their training to be a Champion!”


Building Happy Healthy Confident kids through gymnastics

The benefits your child can attain through his or her involvement in gymnastics help them grow up to be Champions. And CHAMPION GYMNASTICS is where you can find them.

  • Physical fitness
  • Self-confidence
  • Courage
  • Self-discipline
  • Teamwork


The Real Deal!

Tamara Sluss

This is the BEST place in Louisville or Kentucky to join a gymnastics team. My family has been part of the Champion Gymnastics Program for 5 years and couldn't be happier with our girls progress and the coaching staff at Champion!

Lauren Bannister

Champion gymnastics has the best gymnastics coaches and training facility in town! I came with a friend to a gymnastics class and loved it so much that I stayed and did competitive gymnastics here for 10 years! This place is like my second home!

Mariah Barley

We love Champion Gymnastics! You can't find a better coaching staff and better team unity than right here at champions!

Bradley King

Absolutely a family affair. Great leadership totally fantastic.

Orin Dunham Jr

We are very happy to be a part of this awesome gym! Cannot to see how far my daughter goes!

Tracy Samuels

It really is the best , the coaches are top notch, they get the best out of the kids , and that's why they win State year in and year out on most levels

Peter Avritt

My daughter loves the team gym! She has improved leaps and bounds over the last three months. The coaches work very hard with each child to make sure they are progressing but still having fun.

Brittany Williams
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