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2023-2024 Team Coaches

Champion Gymnastics is honored to have some of the best gymnastics coaches training your children in the region.

Jason Button
All About Kids Vice President & Team Coach Sub
I have over 30 years of experience with children both as a Competitive Gymnastics coach and as a...
Karim Elatroush
Girls Team Director & Program Manager Level 6-10 Bar Coach & 8-10 Vault Coach
He hails from Egypt where he graduated from Suez canal university with a degree in Gymnastics...
Tatum Melhorn
Compulsory Director - Level 6-10 Beam & 8-10 Floor Coach
I started at All About Kids when I was 5 1/2 years old and then moved to the Team Gym where I...
Henry Huff
Boys Team Director -  Boys Level 5-10 Head Coach & Girls Levels 4 Vault & Bars Coach 
I am a former gymnast of 7 years. I have been coaching for going on 6 years, with experience...
Anamaria Roe
Level 4-10 Head Floor Coach and Girls Team Assistant Manager
Anamaria began her gymnastics journey as a child in Romania and, by the age of thirteen, was...
Ricia Story
Special Events Program Manager & Girls Team Sub
I started coaching when I was 18 in Chicago with an affinity for the balance beam and the desire...
Ashley Hope
Girls Level 2 Louisville & Oldham Coach
I started dance and gymnastics around 5 years old. I became interested in cheerleading when I...
Amy Kah
Girls Team Sub
My name is Amasetta (Amy) Kah. I have been coaching gymnastics for 20 years. I was a level 9/10...
Kayla White
Girls Team Sub
I started coaching Level 2 with Champion in 2020 and am excited to be working with Level 3s this...
Meghan Wnorowski-Bogle
Level 3 Coach
I began gymnastics when I was 6, competed for 7 years for Champion’s, and retired as a level 8...
Heather Stevens
I started gymnastics around the age of 5. I was a competitive cheerleader on an All-Star Squad...
Lisa Greenwell
Xcel Silver & Gold Coach
I started at Champion gymnastics back in 1996 at the age of 9. I retired from gymnastics as a...
Jason Miller
Boys Level 3 Coach
I've been a part of Champion Gymnastics since my oldest daughter Clare joined the team in 2017...
Jasmine Lenz
Level 3 Coach
I have been involved in gymnastics for over a decade now, and trained the equivalent of USAG...
Amber Conway
Pre-team, Level 1 Coach and All About Kids Assistant Program Manager
I started my gymnastics journey with All About Kids when I was 2 years old. I continued to...
Madison Pendigraph
Preschool & Rec Program Manager & Rising Star Coach
You can reach me at Madison.pendigraph@allaboutkids.cc
Trisha Burdette
Oldham County Preschool & Recreational Manager & Pre-Team/Level 1 Coach 
When I was 3, I watched Mary Lou Retton in the Olympics and decided then that I wanted to be a...
Kaden Dickerson
Boys Level 3-10 Coach
I was a competitive gymnast for 12 years were I won several state championship titles. I...
Trinity Thompson
Pre-team & Level 1 Coach
My name is Trinity Thompson. I’ve been doing gymnastics for 11 years. I was at All About Kids...
Alicia Davis
Xcel Platinum/Diamond Coach & Girls Level 6 & 7 Floor Coach
Alicia has been involved with gymnastics since she was 2 years old. She spent 12 years as a...
Bailey Prince
Girls Level 2 Coach
Hi I’m coach Bailey. This is my first season with Champion Gymnastics, but the third gym I’ve...
Kaira Jones
Boys Level 2 & 3 Coach
“I am an Arizona State University Student majoring in educational studies and minoring in...
Giavonna Arato
Xcel Silver and Gold Coach
My name is Giavonna, I’m originally from New York. I came to Kentucky to attend the University...
Carson Ann Whitt
Girls Level 2 Coach
My name is Carson Ann Whitt and I am 17 years old. I started my competitive gymnastics career at...
Leah Bosworth
Girls Team Sub
I’m a competitive team sub. I’ve worked for All About Kids/Champion Gymnastics for 15 years. I...
Reagan Piper
Girls Level 2
My name is Reagan, I’ve loved and been involved in gymnastics for as long as I can remember. I...
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