This is Me – Champion 2017-2018

Last Christmas I remember sitting in the theater with my family (I argued against seeing this one (like I always do) and it was our 3rd choice that night) about to see what I thought would be a campy Hugh Jackman film about the circus…but what I saw was so much more then that. Any artist or athlete (or both when you’re able to combine the two) that dedicates their life to something ends up at times feeling different then those around them…frankly, we all at times in our life feel different or out of place…as I sat there in the theatre weeping through This Is Me…I realized that championship titles aside—what we really want to do with these young athletes is for them to gain self confidence that translates in to them being proud of who they are and to stand tall when faced with adversity! I’m moved each season by both what they’ve all accomplished but mostly for who they are becoming! #ThisIsMe #AlwaysAChampion #GreatestShow 


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